The Hiatus! why it happened

GREETINGS FELLOW POETS AND READERS ALIKE.  I know there isn’t many of you that read My blog here but to give a rundown of whats been going on, I sorta ran out of inspiration.

between job hunting, school, family, and well just all sorts of things piling up on top of each other I haven’t really had a chance in the last two years to slow down and even, THINK, about what to write…nor have I had the need to write hit Me in a while.

this can be attributed to constant interruptions when I do try to do something, writers block…lots of writers block, and some rather depressing breakups (i already did My depressing poem…not making another one)

I am right now in the process of retconning a novel that I’ve been working on, on and off, and rebuilding the universe its in…new world, new characters, new names, yadda yadda yadda.  I won’t give the details but I plan on making it something…epic,

as for My blog here, and My other one…this one May see a few new poems pop back up on it sometime soon, the other blog will be shut down and deleted even if I did enjoy writing the two posts that I did do on it.

Thank you everyone for your patience and I hope to finally get a moment to slow down and just…write…very soon…I hope.  no promises


I dream of you

as i lay here in bed

dreaming with eyes open

i dream of you

i hear your voice in my ears

feel your breath on my skin

smell your scent in my nose

an angel like no other

but when i look at the empty space beside me

i cry for you

wishing you were here

beside me

holding me

kissing me

as i lay here in bed

dreaming with eyes open

i dream of you

Once Beaten

ImageThrice struck

thrice betrayed

thrice victorious

a change in the wind has accured

a smell of burning flesh and smoke filled air

a shift of the people

THOU SHALT LOSE they scream

thrice struck, thrice betrayed, thrice victorious

a battle of legends

a warrior undefeated

bodies strewn accross the land

the enemy screams THOU SHALT LOSE

thrice struck, thrice betrayed, thrice victorious

a beast hath risen

a champion must slay once more

a puzzle to be solved

THOU HAS LOST the beast rummbles

thrice struck, thrice betrayed, thrice victorious

once beaten

Happy Birthday My Love

one year

one month

one week

one day

her eyes have grown tired

her hair smells of a new perfume

her body, aching  with something deep down inside of her

her skin, a touch softer

her lips, a touch sweeter

her breath, a touch warmer

and never does it become old to hold her within arms that care for her

whisper in her ear the things that she needs to hear

let her feel love from the one that loves her

never does it grow old

to sit in the sun and smell her scent

to hold her, to truely hold her as she is ment to be held

to love her the way she is ment to be loved

and to appritiate her age and her energy

to celebrate one more year of life

with her

I Love You

it hurts
it heals
it destroys
it creates
its a chunk of lead that must be carried
a heavy burden
it can be such a horrible thing
it can be such a wonderful thing
such a beautiful thing
such an ugly thing
used and abused
loved and cared for
trust it
or hate it
only one can take away the bad things in love
only two can savor it the way it is ment to be
its the breadbasket of life
the thing that holds everyone together
that holds us together
me and you
one and two
birds free to fly where we will
to look down upon the earth below and wonder at how high we’ve gotten
how far we’ve come
i love YOU

clouds and widows

clouds falling

widows crying

bells ringing

reapers calling

deaths knocking

poor  greiving

thieves robbing

drinking fools

clouds falling

happy endings?

non existing

the key to her heart

the chain and the key

and the heart it moves



hand in hand

tears of joy

tears of sadness

black and white

blue and red

boy and girl

around his neck

lies the key to her heart

only one

shall open her heart

only one key

fits the lock

one key

one heart